Physical Cosmology

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Physical Cosmology Group

We are a group started in 2008 by Jochen Weller at the University Observatory Munich (USM). Our research evolves around the least well known component of the universe - Dark Energy, but ranges from running N-body simulations, to survey optimisation computations to higher order Modified Gravity calculations. We have now fully moved to our offices at the USM. However we can from time to time still be found at the Excellence Cluster in Garching. In addition, we are connected to the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics (MPE).


Abell 2218 (Credit: NASA Images)

We are involved in the following national and international collaborations: DES, Euclid, HETDEX, (LOFAR), Planck, CFHTLS, TRR33 and Pan-Starrs.

We work together with other groups at the Max Planck institutes. Among others: OPINAS and Clusters groups at MPE, the Cosmology research group at MPA, as well as with members of other groups at the Excellence Cluster and at the USM.



The Millenium Simulation (Credit Max-Planck-Institute for

Astrophysics, Springel et al. 2005)

Einstein in Princeton, 1937

(Credit Lotte Jacobi)